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About Our University

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology was established by the Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Foundation in 1989 under the guidance of Dharma Master Cheng Yen. The foundation promotes four major missions:Charity, Medical Care, Education, and Humanity. The college currently admits graduates from junior high and senior high schools with no religious, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, disability restrictions.


Our school’s vision is “ Professionalism, cultural values, service, and excellence. ”
Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology Advanced Education Program-Japanese Enterprise Management

International Academics and Exchange

International academic cooperation and exchange has been a driving force in schools throughout Taiwan. To enhance educational exchange worldwide, our team actively promotes international academic cooperation and exchange programs. We strive to improve our international academic ranking, and broaden the mobility and global perspective of our teachers and students through cooperation and exchange between our school's departments and both domestic and international academic institutions. We also devote considerable effort to securing grant funding from the Ministry of Education to support the development of our international exchange programs among the various academic departments at our school.   Cooperative-education endeavors with Tzu Chi's overseas affiliates has generated numerous opportunities for students to participate in international exchange. Thus, outstanding students (partially funded) and impoverished outstanding students (fully funded) can experience short-term academic opportunities with our sister schools, or they may join service and learning programs at Tzu Chi's overseas affiliates. We have recently established a cooperative education agreement with the Rotary Club, in which students from the club can enroll in one-year courses at our school, and our students can participate in overseas exchange opportunities provided through the club's overseas affiliates.  

Scholarship and Bursary

Within the Office Of Student Affairs, we have established The Tzu Chi International

Students Scholarship and Bursary Program to assist students in meeting their

education-related financial needs.

https://dad.tcust.edu.tw/files/11-1005-534.php (in Chinese)

https://ib.tcust.edu.tw/p/406-1012-43079,r730.php?Lang=en (in English)



Address : 880,Sec.2,Chien-kuo Rd.
Hualien City ,Taiwan 973302,
TEL : 886-3-8572158 886-3-8572158 FAX : 886-3-8577261